Non-Surgical Ways to Reduce and Prevent Back and Neck Pain

Get help quickly for chronic neck pain.Back and neck pain are very common complaints for both young people and older adults. Interestingly, it’s not always the people who do physical labor who have these complaints. In fact, it’s very common for people with sedentary desk jobs to have the most trouble. More and more researchers are discovering that the posture of most desk-dwellers is actually a big factor in back pain, neck pain, and sometimes even nerve damage. When the muscles around the spine become weak, it’s easy to injure them. So something fairly simple, like lifting a heavy box, can cause an injury. Sitting still, leaning over a desk will make the injury worse. In order to get better, the patient is going to need to make some lifestyle changes.

MRI, X-ray, and EMG Testing Can All Help a Doctor Diagnose Nerve Pain

First of all, no one should try to “tough it out” when it comes to pain. Pain is the body’s signal that something is not right. Popping lots of ibuprofen or other over the counter painkillers will just mask the problem. If you find yourself coping with pain chronically, it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor. He or she can order diagnostic tests, like an MRI, x-ray, and EMG testing. All of these tests can help determine the precise nature of your pain or injury. You doctor can also refer you to a physical therapist for ongoing treatment.

One of the easiest ways to avoid stress injuries and chronic pain is to avoid sitting still for too long. More and more people are looking standing desks to give people more flexibility in office settings. You can also opt to sit on the floor and work on a laptop. Just make sure to change your position every 15 to 30 minutes. Sit cross-legged, bend one knee and extend the other leg then switch, or try kneeling. Taking short breaks to walk around a bit, drink water, and do some stretches will also help keep your body in good shape to do everyday tasks.