Read Our Tips for Carpal Tunnel Prevention with Stretches and Exercises

Stretches are important for carpal tunnel prevention.While, there is no fool proof plan for carpal tunnel prevention, there are many things you can do to lessen your chances for getting it or to slow its progression. One easy thing to do is to take breaks. Anyone that performs repetitive motions with their wrists or hands should take short three minute breaks every hour or so. During this time, stretch and bend your wrists and hands forward and backward. When the break is over, if you can, switch up hands or positions to complete your task. Perform some stretches before you begin repetitive activities as well. Shaking your hands like you just washed them and are trying to get them to dry is a good thing to try. There are many other exercises, ask your doctor or look online for more ideas.

If Your Symptoms Are Painful and Frequent, Talk to Your Doctor About EMG Testing

Another key to carpal tunnel prevention is to use proper form. Try to spread the pressure evenly through your hands and wrists and try to reduce your force and relax your grip. A good thing to keep in mind would be to keep your wrist straight or just slightly bent during repetitive activities. Another piece of advice is to use correct posture. This is especially important for those who work long hours on the computer. Poor posture can cause many problems because the nerves in your neck can become compressed, which can then affect your wrists, hands, and fingers.

A wrist splint is another good tool for those experiencing symptoms. A wrist splint can help to reduce the stress put on the wrist and keep it in a neutral position. Wear one during work, if possible, and also at night. It is hard to control the position of our wrists while we sleep, so that would be a good time to make sure the wrist remains straight.

If you are worried that you are beginning to experience carpal tunnel symptoms, talk to your doctor about EMG testing. He or she can refer you to a clinic like Precision EMG.