Quality and Service

One of the key elements to Precision Medical Group, Inc.’s (PMG) success is its commitment to quality care and focus on customer satisfaction.

PMG offers many advantages:

  • Extensive geographic coverage.
  • Contracted with most major EMG/NCS networks.
  • Weekend and after-hours appointment times available in some areas.
  • STAT appointment and reporting available, upon request.

PMG Team

Precision Medical Group, Inc has dedicated staff available to assist all aspects of client support. As a result, we are able to enhance service levels and strengthen relationships with all of our valued patients and referral sources.

PMG is committed to provide only the highest quality electrodiagnostic (EMG/NCS) medicine reports. All Precision physicians specialize in electrodiagnostic medicine and are either Board Certified Neurologists, Board Certified Physiatrists or Board Certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine. Several Precision physicians are double board certified. All staff physicians' EMG/NCS reports are periodically reviewed by Dr. Bamshad for quality control and accuracy.  PMG has regular provider staff meetings to enhance report quality and content.

PMG EMG/NCS Protocol

  • Patient contacted within 24 hours of receipt of referral.
  • Patient scheduled within 7 days from contact.
  • Report turnaround 24-48 hours from date of service.
  • Urgent reports provided immediately after testing, upon request.

The Precision Advantage

Precision Medical Group, Inc. has a dedicated team of qualified physicians who specialize in providing accurate and timely EMG/NCS diagnostic reports. PMG’s reliability, reputation and commitment to quality service are why so many referral sources turn to Precision Medical Group Inc., for their EMG/NCS needs.

California Evidence-Based Medical Treatment Guidelines
(MTUS - ACOEM) - Electromyography (EMG/NCS studies)

Precision accepts most methods of payment including cash patients, PPO, Personal Injury, Medicare and Workers’ Compensation.

Referring a patient is easy

To refer a patient, you can:

  1. Call (855) EMG-NCV1 during regular business hours to schedule
  2. Fax all referral information to (949) 955-0220
  3. E-mail all referral information: referrals@pomg.net ; *or
  4. Refer a patient via our website by clicking here: Instructions to refer a patient

* Please include all below information for each referral:

  • EMG/NCS prescription – Precision EMG/NCS Prescription
  • Patient demographic information.
  • Most recent report (PR2 or narrative report).
  • Completed RFA form (Workers' Comp only).
  • All patient medical records.

We will:

  • Request authorization for you.
  • Call patient within 24 hours to schedule.
  • Schedule patient within one week of receipt of authorization.
  • Notify your office of appointment date and time.
  • Forward timely and accurate medical reports to your office (fax/email) within 48 hours from date of service.
  • Notify you in writing if patient cancels, no-shows or re-schedules their appointment.
  • Schedule STAT appointments and generate STAT reports, upon request.
  • STAT report requests – CALL 855-EMG-NCV1


In the event you have a STAT report request, please call our administrative office at (949) 955-0022 for immediate processing. Our administrative office is open Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:30am and 4:30pm, excluding holidays. Please note: phone requests will ensure fastest report turnaround. Form and e-mail requests will take longer to process.