Read Our Tips for Carpal Tunnel Prevention with Stretches and Exercises

July 2, 2018

While, there is no fool proof plan for carpal tunnel prevention, there are many things you can do to lessen your chances for getting it or to slow its progression. One easy thing to do is to take breaks. Anyone that performs repetitive motions with their wrists or hands should take short three minute breaks…

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Why Do EMG Testing for Back, Neck, and Limb Pain?

June 11, 2018

If you develop chronic pain symptoms, you will probably first speak to your general physician about what is bothering you. He or she may prescribe stretches or over the counter medication as a first line of treatment. However, when that doesn’t help or the symptoms worsen, you could be referred to a specialist. For pain…

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Stretches can help pinched nerve treatment.

At Home Pinched Nerve Treatment: 5 Stretches that Can Help

May 7, 2018

Before you begin any pinched nerve treatment at home, be sure to check in with your doctor. While stretches can help in some cases, they are not indicated every time. Your doctor will be able to guide you to the best at home treatment for your particular case. If you do begin a stretching regime,…

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Get carpal tunnel syndrome treatment at Precision Medical Group.

What You Need to Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

April 3, 2018

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very painful condition. It’s becoming increasingly common. One of the main causes is repetitive motion done with the wrists. Typing and working at a computer are common culprits. Assembly line workers often suffer from the condition, as do hair stylists and musicians. People who do a lot of knitting or…

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New Study Shows Promise for a New Nerve Repair Technique

September 20, 2016

University of Kentucky researchers found that a new nerve repair technique yield better results and fewer side effects than other existing techniques. Traumatic nerve injuries are common. When nerves are severed, they do not heal on their own and can only be repaired with surgery. Injuries that are not clean-cut – such as saw injuries,…

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