Living near trees improves your mental health.A fascinating research study was published last month that found a positive correlation between proximity to trees and improved mental health. The study was conducted in the German city of Leipzig. Researchers found that people who have trees within 100 meters of their homes were less likely to need prescription antidepressant medication. This has fascinating implications. The researchers write that city planners should consider not only building parks or other natural places to visit. They should also plan trees and other greenery for the landscape that people see when they look out their windows or drive around town.

As COVID-19 quarantine measures have continued for many months, many people feel the effects of increased mental health issues. A simple way to mitigate those problems could be spending more time outside. Instead of doing your work indoors in a home office, take your laptop out to your yard, balcony, or patio. Homeowners might consider investing in trees to plant on their properties. Do a little research to find out the trees that grow best in your region.

Get Further Mental Health Benefits by Planting a Garden

Planting a small vegetable or herb garden can also be a wonderful way of being in a green space and also getting some exercise. Now is a great time to plan to grow a few of your favorite veggies. You’ll also get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and a good arm workout as you pull weeds and dig in the dirt. Lots of city and county recreation departments have free information on how to start a garden. Some will give residents free compost.

If you are new to gardening, pay attention to the effects on your body. It’s normal to feel a few aches if you’re not used to bending and digging. However, if you begin to experience pain that does not go away, contact your doctor. You may need EMG/NCS testing to determine if you have a more serious injury. Those who are prone to pain or injury might consider getting their daily dose of nature on a gentle daily walk.