Set health goals for 2021.We made it to 2021! Even though it’s just turning a page on the calendar, it feels like something of an accomplishment to have made it through 2020. After the huge challenges of the last few months, most people aren’t planning huge resolutions for 2021. However, most of us could stand to set a few health goals in the new year. Here are four suggestions.

Work on Health Goals in Manageable Steps

1. Make healthy food a priority. When we’re stressed, it’s easy to reach for some candy or a bag of chips to feel better. There’s nothing wrong with that, in moderation. However, your body needs the nutrients in fruits, veggies, lean meat, and dairy to function well. Focus on adding in a piece of fruit at breakfast and making sure there’s a vegetable in your lunch and dinner. Small changes add up fast, and making an effort to include more healthful foods quickly becomes a habit.

2. Get enough sleep. This one can be really hard. There’s a ton of pressure to stay up, keep working, and see rest as weakness. However, you’ll think more clearly and be more efficient when you have seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Again, take baby steps. Go to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier than your usual time for a couple of weeks, until it’s your habit. Repeat the process until you are getting enough sleep.

3. Incorporate more movement into your day. Between working at home and lockdowns, getting to the gym is nearly impossible for many people. However, you can still work movement into your day. Try going for a walk after lunch or dinner. Breathing fresh air will help your body and mind. If you want something more intense, search for at-home workouts on the internet. Lots of cities offer free guided workouts through their recreation departments or even the library.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms! Get EMG/NCS Testing if You Have Nerve Pain

4. Go see your doctor. Having an annual check up is a good way to make sure you’re healthy. You can also get health issues taken care of early. Regular check-ups should always be one of your health goals. If you’ve been ignoring nerve pain, talk with your doctor about EMG/NCS testing. Once you have a diagnosis, you can get relief.