Reduce stress naturally by spending time in natureMost of us need to find ways to reduce stress. Finding ways to reduce stress naturally is one of the easiest and quickest ways to see results. Stress can come from being a student, work, undergoing NCS testing for chronic pain, a medical condition, or family drama. Whatever the cause, spending time outside can help. A Cornell University team has found that spending as little as 10 minutes outside in nature can help college students feel less stressed and happier. There are studies in the works aiming to be able to prescribe “nature therapy” to patients as a way to prevent high levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. By prescribing a specific time amount, it makes this recommendation more real. If someone receives a prescription to spend at least 10 minutes outside in nature each day, it makes the recommendation to get outside more tangible.

Just 10 Minutes in Nature Will Reduce Stress Naturally

The good news is that nature can mean many things. It can be sitting outside near a planter of flowers, spending time in a park, or going for a walk in the woods. Urban universities and businesses are encouraged to incorporate green elements into built spaces. Research suggests that these types of components can be just as beneficial as being in nature itself.

Get out of the break room at lunchtime. Try eating lunch outside on a bench to reduce stress naturally. Head back into work or school rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Spend a Saturday going for a hike instead of sitting inside playing video games. There are many ways to incorporate spending more time in nature into our daily routines. Even if you are pressed for time, it is easy to find 10 minutes each day to spend in nature. Try it for a few days and see how you feel.