Learn stretches when working at homeWorking from home has become a new reality for many. It is not good for the body to sit for long periods of time. Whether at home or at the office, it is important to have a good stretching routine. Prevent pain later by stretching occasionally throughout the work day. Set an alarm every hour to remind yourself. There are many options for stretches when working from home. Most just need a chair or the wall that can be performed at home, or even in the office when the time comes to go back.

The first is a half downward dog. It is a condensed version of the yoga pose and is great for stretching your whole body. All you need is a chair. Just stand behind the chair and put your hands on the back of the chair. Step back as far as you can and keep your arms straight while stretching your spine.

Do Stretches While Working at Home at Your Desk

A stretch that can be done while sitting in your chair is the hip opener. This stretch can help the hips and lower back to stay loose. Sit in your chair with the feet hip-width apart and right under your knees. Take one ankle and cross it over the opposite knee and stretch forward. Just don’t go too far!

Regular Stretching Can Eliminate the Need for NCS/EMG Testing Later

A final stretch that can be done against the wall is the shoulder release. This stretch is especially important for those who work at a keyboard for many hours, which makes the shoulders tight. This stretch will loosen the shoulders. Stand next to the wall with one shoulder touching it. Raise that arm straight up with the palm facing the wall. Move the arm down behind you until the arm reaches your hip. Repeat with the other side. Doing stretches can prevent problems down the road and the need for NCS/EMG testing. Take the time each day to do a variety of stretches when working from home.