Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is when the tibial nerve in the ankle region is compressed or squeezed. This can produce symptoms anywhere on the path of the nerve which runs along the inside of the ankle and down into the foot.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Test - California

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Test - California

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except that it occurs in the ankle/foot and not the wrist/hand.

Both result from the compression of a nerve in a confined space, in this case the tarsal tunnel. If you experience the following symptoms you may need a Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Test.

Symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -

The symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome are consistent with other nerve compression disorders. Inside your ankle or on the bottom of your foot you may feel:

  • Burning, tingling or sensations like an electrical shock
  • Numbness
  • Pain, which can include shooting pains

Testing for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -

In addition to a physical, in-person examination by your treating doctor, they may order one or more studies used to diagnose nerve problems: electromyography (EMG) or a nerve conduction study (NCS).

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