Lumbar Spine Disc Herniation: Learn the Risk Factors for

Learn the risk factors for lumbar spine disc herniation

A painful lumbar spine disc herniation can happen with a sudden injury, but most of the time this issue happens slowly over time. This is because in our youth, our spinal discs have more water in them, which helps them to stay flexible. As time goes on, the water content decreases, which makes the discs more brittle. This means that a mild movement or twist, such as reaching far into the cupboard for a can of green beans, can cause damage and pain.  

Offset Disc Herniation Risk Factors with a Good Diet and Low Impact Exercise

In addition to age, there are several other disc herniation risk factors. Men are about twice as likely to suffer from lumbar spine disc herniation. Those who have a physically demanding job are also at greater risk. Anyone who pushes, pulls, lifts, or twists repeatedly is more likely to develop a lumbar herniated disc.  

Obesity and smoking are also linked to this problem. Those who are carrying around excess weight put more stress on the lumbar spine, which can make a person more likely to have disc herniation. Smokers are also at greater risk. Blood flow to the spinal discs becomes limited when nicotine is present in the body. This makes discs brittle and less pliable faster and more prone to cracking and tearing.  

Issues with herniated discs often runs in families.  If relatives have suffered from this problem, it is a big warning sign. The best thing to do is to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious food, keep your body strong, and do not smoke. Find enjoyable ways to get in low impact exercise. Walking and swimming are especially good at strengthening the back and the heart without putting stress on spinal discs or joints. Stretching each day is a good way to take care of your spine and also maintain flexibility. Be sure to get the opinion of a professional if pain is present. It is better to catch something early than to let your body deteriorate. 

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