Guyon Canal Ulnar Entrapment Testing, Southern California

We offer Guyon Canal Ulnar Entrapment Testing throughout Southern California

This form of Ulnar Entrapment occurs when the ulnar nerve is entrapped in the Guyon’s canal as it passes through the wrist.

Symptoms of Guyon Canal Ulnar Entrapment -

The symptoms of Ulnar Entrapment start with a feeling of pins and needles in the ring and little fingers and then gradually progress to a loss of sensation and/or impaired motor function of the muscles of the hand that are innervated by the ulnar nerve.

This condition can be seen in avid cyclists due to prolonged compression of the Guyon's canal against bicycle handlebars.

There is another common cause for these same symptoms, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, in which the ulnar nerve is compressed in the cubital tunnel near the elbow.

Testing for Guyon Canal Entrapment -

After a careful examination of the affected hand and wrist by your Doctor you may be prescribed an electrophysiological test such as:

  • A Nerve Conduction Study to measure the nerve signals. The Nerve Conduction Study is an important tool your doctor uses to see how severe your Guyon Canal Entrapment is and will help your treating doctor recommend the best course of treatment.
  • Electromyogram (EMG) to measure the electrical activity in your muscles. This is to determine if you have suffered any nerve damage.

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No nerve entrapment spontaneously improves. If you are experiencing these symptoms treatment begins with proper diagnosis. Find a doctor near you that offers electrophysiological testing such as Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) or Electromyograms (EMG).