Did You Know? Nerve Pain Feels Different for Everyone

Learn about the many experiences of nerve pain.If you talk to people who deal with nerve pain, each person will probably describe the pain differently. Some might even describe it in several different ways! If you’re wondering whether you have a pinched nerve, you might discount your pain because it’s so different from other people’s experience. The truth is that many people do experience pain from nerve problems in quite different ways.

People might also describe different symptoms and problems due to nerve problems. Some people will lose strength in their hands and start to drop things. They may have trouble opening containers, too. Buttons on clothing can also begin to give trouble.

EMG/NCS Testing Can Be an Important Part of a Treatment Plan

For many people, the experience of nerve pain is very disheartening. Not only do they have to cope with terrible pain, they feel out of control and like they have lost autonomy. It’s not easy to be an adult who needs help to dress or carry things. Nor is it easy to explain to others, especially coworkers, why you suddenly need extra assistance.

It’s not uncommon for chronic pain sufferers to experience anxiety and depression on top of their terrible pain. This is why we feel it’s important to understand the many different descriptions and symptoms associated with nerve pain. Many people will describe a feeling of numbness, similar to when your foot “falls asleep” after sitting for a long time. Other people will describe a sensation of pins and needles. There can also be the sensation of the affected area being on fire or having an electrical shock pulsing through it. Occasionally the main sensation is aching in the muscles surrounding the affected nerve.

However your symptoms present themselves, speak to your doctor if you’re regularly experiencing any of the above sensations regularly. Some people can find relief with regular physical therapy. Others will need tests, including EMG/NCS testing, to discover the exact problem and develop a treatment plan. Contact Precision Medical Group for more information about nerve testing.