Chronic Pain Management: Our Best Tips to Help You Avoid It

Read our tips for chronic pain management.Chronic pain is in the news a lot, especially as research shows how many people are affected by it. There’s a lot of information about opioids, the strong pain medications often used to try to manage pain. Though they can be great for acute pain, researchers are finding that they are not necessarily as helpful in chronic pain situations. Please read our tips on chronic pain management so you can avoid or get help quickly for pain issues.

1. Don’t ignore pain and hope it goes away. This is huge! If you have an injury at work or notice you are having a lot of pain, talk to your doctor right away. Physical therapy can be a great way to manage or eliminate pain from injuries, either sudden or long-term.

2. Start or maintain a gentle exercise program. Too many people believe that if they can’t get to the gym for hard-core workouts, there’s no point in exercise. It’s not true! Walking for 30 minutes a day can do wonders to strengthen your body, especially your core muscles. This in turn will help you to avoid pain or bounce back from any injuries you might sustain.

An EMG/NCS Test Is Part of the Plan, But Don’t Forget Physical Therapy!

3. If you doctor orders testing, like an EMG/NCS test, MRI, or x-ray, try not to get too hung up on the test having the answer for you. Most likely, the test will be just one more part of the puzzle and can help you and your doctor come up with a good plan for you.

4. Get other issues addressed, too. We’re learning more and more about the mind-body connection when it comes to chronic pain management. If you suffer with anxiety or depression, don’t think they have nothing to do with your experience of pain. In fact, they can make things a lot worse! Speak with your regular physician and get a referral to a psychiatrist or therapist who can help you cope with your experience of pain.

If you do need testing for nerve pain, please contact us at Precision Medical Group! We’d be more than happy to help you figure out how to manage or eliminate chronic nerve pain.