Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a Major Culprit for Hand and Wrist Pain

Learn easy carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief strategiesSo many people working from home or staying in more, because of the ongoing issues with coronavirus. Tons of places are closed where we might go for summer fun, including amusement arts, bars and restaurants, and summer camps. Lots of events have moved online. All of this adds up to carpal tunnel syndrome being a bigger concern than usual.

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually comes on either because of an injury or because of repetitive movements. As we sit at a desk and type at a computer keyboard or play video games, we’re using a very small range of movement. This can cause the carpal tunnel to become narrowed. We experience pain when it gets too narrow.

Easy At-home Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The good news is that there are several at-home treatments that work for the early stages. Try to change the position of your hands and wrists often. Take frequent stretching breaks. You can also purchase an ergonomic keyboard or computer mouse. These allow for more flexibility in how you position and hold your hands. Some people find that compression gloves help their hand stay pain-free while working. Wearing braces while sleeping can help, too.

Taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen can relieve pain in the short term. However, if you experience pain so often or intensely that it interferes with daily living, you should talk to your doctor. In the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome, a few sessions with a physical therapist can relieve symptoms. A physical therapist can also help you create a workstation that supports your hands and wrists to keep them pain-free.

EMG/NCS Testing Helps Doctors Accurately Diagnose Wrist and Hand Pain

If you experience numbness or tingling in your hands, it’s time to see the doctor. This can indicate an advanced case of carpal tunnel syndrome or neuropathy. EMG/NCS testing may be indicated so your doctor can accurately diagnose and treat your condition.

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